Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Like the Sky Mall catalog ... only better!

So, I got my mail today after work and found this catalog in my mailbox. It's the Harriet Carter - Distinctive Gifts Since 1958 catalog. By the picture on the front, I assumed it was for pet supplies.

Then ... I opened it and realized that this catalog is like a giant As Seen on TV infomercial. Are they watching me at home? Do they know that I LOVE watching infomercials? Well, I realized that I've ordered some products online (that I've seen on TV) and they probably sold my name.

Anyhoo ... started flipping through this baby tonight and found some GREAT items ... and some not-so-great items. I thought I'd share:

Portable Yarn Organizer: Jill, aren't you lucky that I know you already have a yarn organizer? Check out this thing! This is for serious knitters!

Rolling Pants Trolley: Seriously? I'm pretty sure I have a wire frame for hanging files at work that looks just like this! I can't really decide if this would do great things or bad things for nice work pants.

Domino Holder: Now, I think this item would actually be helpful. It is kind of tough to see your tiles when they are perpendicular to the table you are playing on. Do I want to pay $13 for all my domino teammates to have the holders? No.

"Peek-a-boo" Dog Bed: Why would Minnie want this bed when she can just play peek-a-boo in MY bed covers? I would only be interested in paying $25 for this if the cute pup came with the bed!

Alphabet Cake Pan: I think you can click any of these pictures to see a larger image, but you might want to look closely at this pan! It's pretty inventive. I bet Erik's Mom would love to try something like this. I'm wondering how well the cakes actually bake in this movable pan.

Hair Umbrella: Can you imagine if you walked into your hair salon next time and everyone were wearing one of these? I would die laughing! I can't imagine that it's really that much easier to clean cut hair out of all the folds in this "collar" than it would be to just sweep up your floor.

Big Top Cupcake Set: Amy emailed all of us this summer with information on this Cupcake Set. She had been up in the middle of the night feeding Griffey and saw the infomercial for this. She had to write to confirm with the girls that this was either a) the stupidest invention ever OR b) something that she could call and order immediately!

Daughter-In-Law Afghan: Your DIL doesn't want this, I promise you that. She would rather that you just gave her the $30 you would have spent on this blanket that would never leave her linen closet.

Microwave S'Mores Maker: Huh? What? Are you telling me that I can't put my marshmallows in the microwave & watch them grow 500x their original size anymore? Thanks S'Mores Maker, for taking the fun out of my yummy treat!

Shredder Scissors: These shredding scissors seem like a good idea ... but I'm here to tell you that they aren't. I bought a pair through our school fundraiser last year. I've used them about 3 times. It's next to impossible to cut through an old credit card with them and it takes too long to cut through junk mail with them. Not only that, but you can't use them as regular scissors (duh) when you need to simply cut something. My hands are MUCH faster at just ripping up mail I don't want anyone else to read. Save yourself the $6.85.

Cat Talk Book: Minnie was thinking about buying this for the mothers of her two kitty friends, Betty & Gracie. I told her that wasn't necessary because their mothers already know what they are saying, "Get that schnoodle away from me AND out of my house!"

Dickey: Should stop being manufactured. Period. End of discussion.

Dog Tweeter: I just thought this was funny because of the name, "dog tweeter". Like this was going to update to the dog's Twitter account as they were on a walk. P.S. I'm fairly confident that if Minnie had a dog whistle on her leash, every time she pulled we'd have all the dogs in the neighborhood following us around.

White Wizard: This product is definitely worth the $7! Erik's Mom, Ann, gave me a tub of White Wizard and I can't tell you how many times it's come to the rescue! Maybe you should know that I'm a complete klutz, I have off-white carpet and I've spilled red drinks on my floor approximately 10 times. I have ZERO drink stains on my carpet, which should tell you how great this product is! If you ever see White Wizard out in the stores, you should buy a tub to have on hand just in case!

Those are the Harriet Carter products that I felt were either completely ridiculous OR totally worth the money! I hope I may have helped out with some of your Christmas (or White Elephant) shopping!

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distaff said...

Love your witty comments, Bets. Step away from the edge and resist the temptation to buy any of that stuff.

Emilie said...

If they stopped making dickies what would Megan wear when we go out?

Kathryn said...

Great blog piece!! I am still laughing. But I really want the cupcake thing...it looks so cool (and yes, I know I'd never use it).

Laura said...

I could totally go for the hair umbrella- I cut my husbands hair every 2 weeks and I despise sweeping it up aftewards!!

Mitzi said...

Love this!! I laughed out loud, especially about the Kitty Communication book.