Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two different dogs?

Minnie about 2 weeks ago:

Minnie today:

I finally made an appointment for her to be groomed. Minnie's haircut is the same price as mine and we both were due to get a cut this month. Thankfully, Mom helped me out by treating me to MY haircut, which meant that it didn't hurt my bank account too terribly today when I paid for Minnie's cut!

I like how Minnie's ears start to fold over again when her hair gets long, but I also know that she looks SUPER cute when she is groomed! I've been taking Minnie to PetSmart to be groomed since she was a puppy, and today for the first time, they gave me a report card on her behavior.

Here's how she did:
Skin - "Splish, splash, gave 'em a bath". The other choices were bad reports about needing flea treatment or having itchy skin.
Teeth - "Picture-perfect smile". (Too bad my vet says $185 will make her smile better.)
Coat - "Fur-riffic head to toe". The other choices tell owners to buy more products.
Ears - "Perfectly ear-resistible".
Nails - "Trimmed, but a nail grinding will smooth over the rough edges".
Notes - "Minnie is SO adorable and very sweet. I really enjoyed grooming her today! I would love to see her again! :)"

I know the attached coupons for new products are the real reason behind the new report cards, but it is nice to hear what they've checked on her. Normally, I just pay and then they hand her over.

She's had a rough day and is already fast asleep on the couch! Getting pretty is exhausting! :)

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Rob and Jenny said...

minnie- you're gorgeous!!!!!

love, peanut

The Lunds said...

she looks like an ewok.