Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Delayed Picture Post - Bonfire Buddies!

At some point over the Spring Break, the Chittums decided to whip out the fire pit and let us have a hot dog roast! It was perfect. We showed up in flip-flops and t-shirts and ended the night all bundled up, sitting as close the fire as possible!

Without much explanation, here are my favorite pics from the evening!

Fire in front of a great sun reflection on the window.

Mitzi, frustrated with her not-knife that wasn't very helpful for making marshmallow roasting sticks!

Miss Minnie, of course, being a good girl & enjoying all the excitement!

Adam, making some sort of a NASA satellite with the LARGEST roll of foil I've ever seen! It weighed about 40 pounds!

Our handy grilling invention once we realized the dogs wouldn't stay on the sticks we had from the yard.

Cool pic!

Sunset over the neighbor's house.

My yummy meal. No pics of the S'mores from later ... it was too dark out.

Great fun & great conversation over the fire.

We did LOTS of stick gathering to keep the fire going for about 4 hours.

Minnie sitting on one of her favorite laps. Mitzi loves to cuddle up with her!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! you never saw a fire like that in the backyard at that address before the Chittums moved in. The fireman who lived there wouldn't permit one or he would have been trying to put it out. Strange to see how other people perceive the same backyard you grew up playing in. Thanks for posting, its a way to keep up with my niece Jill. ha

distaff said...

We weren't invited ....