Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Might have found it!

Today was day 3 ... I think of actual going out and looking at properties with my Realtor, Spencer.

After looking at the first 4 units, I was optimistic, but not really excited by any of the condos. Then ... I walked into a GREAT condo! I couldn't believe how nice it was! Lots of nice upgrades and LOTS of closet space!

I have to say, that as a girl who likes a lot of closet space ... that can almost be a selling point for me. Spencer thinks I'm crazy, but this is true!

So ... going back tomorrow with Mom and Dad. Even though it's MY place, to be bought with MY money ... I'd like their approval. They already vetoed the one house that I semi-liked on location alone.

More details if this goes anywhere.

Going to Adam & Jill's for Crafternoon into Crafterevening. I haven't done anything creative in a long time and I'd like to get some new stuff up on Etsy!

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Heather rules said...

If mom and dad like it, I'd like to see some pics!

Anonymous said...

Forget about your Dad - it's Mom knows best!