Thursday, June 12, 2008

Surprise, surprise ... more rain!

So, my summer started 2 weeks ago and I'm pretty sure that it's rained or been cloudy all but 3 days. I haven't gone to the pool yet this summer ... I think last year at this time, I was already tan!

We stayed in tonight and watched new shows on TV. No wait, scratch that. We watched Gary Lezak for about 90 minutes.

I'm all for being able to watch the weather and news to be prepared in bad times (as we've all seen on the news lately, it's very important), but you can only watch the radar go over your area so many times. The one cool thing we actually saw was a live camera feed from near DeSoto (outside of Lawrence, KS) and we saw 2 tornados form out of nowhere and touch down! It was amazing to see it live as it happened. I'm sure NBC will be replaying the clip for days to show off the footage they got! ;)

Alrighty ... off to bed! Tomorrow I get to sleep in. I have a feeling with the storms tonight, I might not get much sleep; so not setting an alarm for tomorrow morning will be really nice!

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distaff said...

Yes, indeedy -- today was the day to slepp in. But you've got more hunting to do -- make sure to tell us what you find.