Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer blogging is harder than I thought

Maybe it's because I don't really have anything going on right now.

Normally no news, means good news, but for me I think it really just means life is boring.

We lost at Trivia last night. Boo!

It is raining again. Boo!

I'm going to the dentist first thing in the morning. Boo!

Minnie is still adjusting to being away from Peanut and living here. Boo!

I went to see Amy's new house today and helped her paint. Yeah!

Molly made yummy pasta for dinner and yummy rhubarb crisp for dessert. Yeah!

The weekend is almost here. Yeah!

My new house hunt starts on Monday. Yeah!

Hopefully I'l have more to report in the coming days, or you're going to find that I'm posting about more stupid stuff or I'll be posting less. Eeeks!

UPDATE: It seems as if everyone was interested in the rhubarb crisp, so I'll give you all the recipe. Molly found it in Martha Stewart - Everyday Foods! Enjoy! :)

Here is the recipe

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RachelC said...

Rhubarb crisp sounds fabulous - yum!

... said...

More dessert news and less on dentists.


distaff said...

Really? As I recall you were dying to start the boring summer. It will get less boring very soon -- relish the opportunity to do nothing. Long walks with Minnie help to cut up the time. Go house hunting on those walks ...