Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Will Work For Room!

I hate to say it, but ... I'm bored! I know that is the #1 no-no rule of teachers on summer vacation, but I think I have an excuse!

All of my belongings and crafts and projects for the summer are in boxes in my parents' garage. I'm here at Molly & Erik's with only a few suitcases, a few books (that I had to go out and buy yesterday) and Miss Minners. I love TV, and there isn't even anything of interest to watch during the day or at night! Tutoring hasn't started yet, and my new house hunt hasn't started yet, either.

So ... I've decided to come up with some work to do around their house. Erik keeps joking that I can pay for my room by doing all the cooking and cleaning. He must not understand that my cooking consists of ordering in, picking up, or warming up! That leaves me with cleaning.

Yesterday I pulled all the weeds from in between the bricks in their front walkway and backyard steps. I've emptied and filled the dishwasher several times. Today, I went to JCCC to pick up their locally-grown veggies (kale, radishes, lettuce, rhubarb and mushrooms). Then ... I came up with a several-day project! I'm cleaning the walls (more difficult than I originally thought) in the basement "work-out" room and laundry room so that I can paint them. They are in desperate need of a freshening up! I'll need M or E to pick out paint for me, but then I think I can do all the rest on my own! They are so busy, what with working full time and all, that this is a little something I can do for them. It's not something that would ever be on the top of their To Do list, but I think they'll be happy it's done. After that I'll be looking for the next summer project!

Don't you wish that you took me into your home?

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distaff said...

I can find a creative project for you at my house. Uncle John was a big help in the yard ... but we could do some painting if you want ...

Anonymous said...

I would have taken you in, but you refused to sleep on the couch and my cat would beat up your dog. tee hee