Saturday, June 14, 2008

John's Space Age Doughnuts

Molly's been talking about it for weeks. I'm pretty sure since the weekend I moved in, we've been talking about getting up early on a Saturday to head to the doughnut shop in downtown Overland Park!

The Saturday that Adam & Jill came over to get hostas, we jokingly said that they should make a pit-stop between the OP Farmer's Market and the house. Jill was amazed that "the McKnight girls know about the most random places in Kansas City". I guess we could thank our parents for that! We used to go to John's Space Age for doughnuts (and Fluffy Fresh on State Line) occasionally on the weekends! It has the best old fashioned feel! You can sit right at the counter. You will eat off of paper plates and drink out of small milk cartons. The doughnuts are super cheap! The couple that runs the place waits on you. It's fantastic for people watching!

So anyway ... we got up this morning and headed straight there. Molly's been craving an apple fritter for weeks and swears that Space Age is the only place that has good apple fritters!

Since we got there a bit later than we had planned ... we found that there were very few doughnuts left. Molly was immediately concerned that she didn't see any fritters in the case, but assumed there were some in bad. No. Such. Luck. He said they were all out! I thought she was going to cry!

She "settled" on a white icing and sprinkles cake doughnut. I got a cream-filled one. Erik got a glazed chocolate one. Then we got a dozen glazed holes to share! We all got a small carton of milk and our total was $6.32 or something ridiculously cheap! As we sat down at the counter, Molly seemed a bit down in the dumps. We had come here after all for her apple fritter.

All of a sudden, the owner comes out of the back kitchen with something behind his back for her ... AN APPLE FRITTER! On the house! She literally teared up from the excitement and passed her cake doughnut on to Erik! Erik said that the owner was probably saving it for himself, but felt so bad that he gave it to her. We don't know if that's true ... but regardless, it was very nice of him!

We all left with empty plates and cartons and full bellies. Then we walked to the Farmer's Market to see what we could find. You really should go earlier than 10:00 to beat the crowds and get the first pick of what you want to buy! We then walked back to the car hoping we had walked off our doughnuts, but realistically knew it was more like just one doughnut hole! :) And we were off to start the rest of our day ... now that we ALL were happy campers!

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Fathers can create special moments they never know about!

Anonymous said...

My parents used to get the famous John's Space Age Donuts, too! I always went with the chocolate long johns...I was like 6 and could put one if not more away with no problem! What a fun trip down memory lane!!!!
J :)