Saturday, June 14, 2008

No more white board ...

Today was a sad day.

Tim Russert died at work from a heart attack. I loved watching him on TV and loved how explained things in such a simple way that even the viewers who think they don't know anything about politics can follow along!

The election this year will NOT be the same without him. The Today Show will NOT be the same without him. The news, in general, will NOT be the same without him.


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Anonymous said...

I sat watching the special "Meet the Press" this morning with a box of tissues...Tim Russert was my favorite and I am so devastated. He and his white board will be missed this election season.

Heather rules said...

I'm so sad by this news.
I found out late Friday afternoon when someone from the newsroom called me down in obits. UGH! I heart Tim Russert.