Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cheating is stoopid!

Good to know that we aren't the only ones that are pissed about the new Trivia rules. Check out the comments on their original post: Change in use of Electronic Devices.

We did go to trivia this week (just Rachel, Amy, Mitzi and I) just so we could see each other this week. It was an interesting night, because without cheating, we were nowhere near the top 3 places! It used to be that we were always in the top 3 teams throughout the night.

What we did find, though, that was without any of our regular boys with us ... we found some new friends at our neighboring tables. Some of the teams were even willing to share answers with us in exchange for answers they didn't know! We continued to suck at sports and what-year-is-it questions ... that's where cheating would help us ... IF we were willing to be Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eaters! No thanks!

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A.T.Raghu Nandan said...

hi...nice blog, pink pink all the way. The pics are good.

Heather rules said...

That just sucks! I hate cheaters! What is the point if you can't show off your TRUE skill!