Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reason #58 why I'm afraid of clowns

This picture just about sums it up. I'll be posting about two of my new favorite blogs today and tomorrow. This picture came from today's favorite: Cake Wrecks!

How terrified would you be if you were turning 6 and you were having a clown-themed birthday party and this is what showed up on the kitchen table for your birthday cake?!?!? Not only is this clown dead (see the eyes), but he has very scary lips that look like a 6-year-old wearing her mom's lipstick!

Cake Wrecks is a newer blog that updates frequently (which I love ... in fact, I read the whole blog in one sitting today), and shows some horrible, funny and strange professionally decorated cakes. The cake that started her blog was one that says: "Best Wishes Suzanne - Under Neat that - We Will Miss You." Seriously!?!? One of my other favorites is a cake I think I'll get for Molly: "It a Gril!"

Okay, go bookmark this blog and then check back often! It's worth a million laughs.

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1 comment:

Mitzi said...

They might as well have an "It" themed birthday party. Everyone bring your own scary clown teeth!