Thursday, August 21, 2008

Painting project #49

Oh goodness! I just uploaded pictures from my camera and realized I have about 6 blogs worth of pictures to share. So hopefully tonight I can get some posts set up so you all have fun things to look at the next few days.

Tonight's post is to share pictures of one of my latest painting projects!

Mom and I frequent estate and some garage sales. I love to go and look at the vintage clothes and purses (!) and see what sort of furniture or decorating items I can pick up. Mom likes to go and look at lamps, china and other serving pieces and kitchenware.

The latest "wants" are bookshelves (why are they so expensive, new?) and some sort of table/cabinet I can use when I get a bigger TV. I also realized that I was in need of a small table to put right in my entry way for mail, keys, Minnie's leash and other random items. We walked into one of 3 estate sales for the day and we split up. Mom called me from the garage where she found this table!

I looked at it, uncovered the crap on top of it and immediately saw how sturdy it was. Furniture isn't made like that anymore. It was a 50% off day, but I had to ask about the price. We quickly asked one of the workers how much it was ($20, I think) and we got it literally before 2 other people said, "I want that!"

Hoping it would fit in my tiny Bug (it did), we drove away. When we got in the car, I asked Mom what color to paint it. She said, "Don't think I'm crazy, but ..." I said, "Green!" Sure enough, we were thinking the same thing. Mom thought I should try and pull in some of the color from my couch pillows.

See the lime green in the "circle" pillow on the left?? That really bright green? That's it! So, we went home to grab the pillow and then immediately went to Sherwin Williams. When I get a project idea in my head, I want to start immediately. We went and asked Newguy McPaintyman to help us match the pillow color with the swatches. He was trying to persuade me to get more of a yellow color, but Mom and I agreed that we wanted to go with the obnoxious green, no matter how strange it looked. The swatch color is actually called "Eye Catching"!

I got home the next day and opened the can to find what seemed to be bright neon yellow! It matched my paint swatch perfectly, but it just didn't look right.

Here is the table in the the middle of coats 2 and 3. In some lights it seems yellow and in others, it looks more green. Can you see the Olympics I was watching!?!?

Here it is almost done (except for the feet) and next to the pillow we used for the color.

And here it is "finished" back in the front entryway. I'm still deciding whether or not to do a glaze or some sort of green topcoat on it, but after painting this table and 2 bathrooms, I need a break! What do you think about it???

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Heather rules said...

I love it! It's bright and says "Here I am, I'm your "catch-all."

Kathryn said...


... said...


You're the next Martha of Tim Gunn.

distaff said...

I still think it needs a little "roughing up" -- maybe this weekend we'll play with it.

SteveO said...


Bets said...

So sorry, Steve-O! It's mine ... all mine! You best start going to your own estate sales and tracking down the good furniture. You'll have to beat me there, though! :)