Sunday, August 17, 2008

I hate to admit this ...

... but I'm really excited for The Hills Season 4 to start this Monday!

Who's with me??? Julie, I know you like The Hills!

Since most other shows aren't started back up yet, this will give me something to watch until my other favorites start.

The trailer:


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distaff said...

Are you talking about Beverly Hills 90210?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am excited and my sister and sister-in-law, Ashley are right there with me! I already talked to both of them to great! :) J

Bets said...

Come on, Mom! Get with the times. The Hills is a spin-off of Laguna Beach on MTV! All the cool kids are watching it.

Jules, are you as annoyed with Spencer's being-mean "acting" as I am? It's like he can't keep a straight face as he tries to be an ass! Arg!