Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks for calling!

Went to bed late last night after our big trivia win and after trying to stay awake to watch Project Runway.

I remember setting my alarm for 6:30am before I went to bed. The plan was for a couple of us to meet in the school parking lot at 7:45 to take 1 car to our whole-district meeting.

At 7:48am I woke to a noise and so I started pawing away at my alarm clock. I didn't turn off! That's because it was my phone that was ringing. Mitzi said, "Are you on your way?" Um. No. I wasn't. I had just woken up.

I was in such a deep sleep, that I must have turned my alarm off in the middle of a dream. This is why I normally have 2 alarms: TV and clock! I don't have a TV in my room yet, so that is why I've just been sticking with my clock.

As soon as I told Mitz that I just woke up, I was so flustered ... I couldn't figure out what was going on! It was like one of those times when you take a nap in the afternoon and wake up at 7:00pm and you see your clock and think it's 7:00am and you get really confused!

Somehow ... amazingly, I got up, ready, left my condo and drove to get to our meeting by 8:15! That might be a record for me. Too bad it put me in a foul mood to start the day.

Would anyone like to be my wake-up caller for me for the next week or so??? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Don't make me come up there to wake you! I mean it!

cistaff said...

So did you get there on time today? Wake up early --- journey proud?

Mitz said...

I think you were still kind of asleep when you got there, by the way.