Monday, August 25, 2008

She is a very lucky baby!

Last weekend my cousin, Caroline, was in town and so all the women in our family got together for a yummy lunch at Laura's house. It is always lots of fun when we all get together ... however when there is a such a big group of us, it's hard to get a chance to talk to and catch up with everyone!

Since we were already getting together, the Aunts decided to also turn our reunion lunch into a baby shower for Molly! This was the first one, and boy was it fun!

My Aunt Susan, who is a fabulous florist in Wichita brought up the cutest centerpieces: baby bottles and pink shoes filled with flowers & pacifiers. Too cute. Molly came away with lots of goodies for the little girl, who we are calling Lulu until the real name is revealed when she comes.
Molly & little Lindy opening presents.

Bottle with binkies!

Cute, white kicks!


More bottles & pretty flowers.

Pink "converse".

Little velcro shoes. I love the flowers on them!

Hurry up and get here, Lulu ... I can't wait to see you in those shoes!

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Beth said...

I love the centerpieces! I'd also like to see what she could do for

Congrats to Molly! And Lulu--how can that name NOT be adorable?!