Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old Man Stewart - Shakes his fist at ???

Molly told me she was angry that I hadn't been posting to this blog every day! Since I've quit posting daily on this blog & started posting daily on The View Across Town, I don't know how I ever wrote a whole post each day!?! Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with one good picture to share, let alone something to write that someone might actually want to read.

Well, I've figured out what has made me feel the need to post less on this blog.


That's right, I'm Tweeting. It was just 7 short months ago that I didn't know about Twitter and what it was for, and now I'm hooked! It's basically a shorter (much shorter) way of blogging to let people know what you are doing. You only have 140 characters to share, so that is always a challenge.

I'm now following some friends from high school and college, friends from here, blogging friends, celebs and other random people that I found I have things in common with them!

Here is Jon Stewart "raising his fist" at Twitter last night! Pretty darn funny!



If any of you are interested in Tweeting, just let me know. I can now show you how and get you hooked. I'm off to read all the updates that people posted today while I was at work. Some of us can't Tweet all the time! :)

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