Monday, March 9, 2009


I have spent the majority of my 5 years of teaching looking for comfortable, CUTE shoes to wear to work. We all know how I turn into Tipsy Tumbles when I'm wearing my tall heels, so most of the winter, I try and get away with one pair of short heels and athletic shoes.

I'm the Queen of buying "the most comfortable" low-heeled black shoes for work and then deciding that they are no where close to comfortable, (before the bell even rings) the first time I wear them to work. At any given time in my closet, you can see about 3-7 pairs of black shoes just for work. Most of them never get worn because they just aren't comfortable for standing on my feet all day.

Well, Sunday I decided to give it one more go on for comfortable black shoes. I found these at Target and loved that I immediately thought they were cute and then when I tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised! Isn't it fun to shuffle around in Target shoes when they are tied together? I always feel like such a fool!
Anyhoo, these Merona flats are like athletic shoes, but look a bit fancier. The rubber soles aren't too bulky & the elastic straps don't pinch on your feet. Normally shoes rub on the backs of my heels and that's when I immediately take them off. These only hurt a bit at the very end of the day, but I also spend my entire day on my feet! I HIGHLY recommend these shoes if you are looking for something for work or just to run around town in! I did buy them a 1/2 size smaller than I normally do, just FYI. If I had more money, I would think about going back to get the white & green pair of Mary Janes and the tan & gold pair of ballet flats!

I can't wait to see how they look with some of my skirts & dresses when it gets nice enough for skirts & dresses for work! :)

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... said...

Step up to fashion!
This is great news.

Sarah and Derek said...

Love those tan and gold flats! So cute and perfect for us giraffe height girls. :)

Beth said...

Oooh...I do loves me some new shoes! That is the one thing I can't/won't order online. I have a weird foot size.

The luck of living in a beautiful country at a school with no dress code is that I can wear my Chacos or Teva sandals every single day. I have worn close-toed shoes TWICE all year, and never touched a heel. Even a small one. :)

Marie Hooker said...

I just ordered a pair!! I'll let you know if I love them as much as you do...