Monday, May 5, 2008

Slow Motion Teacher Fall

Sounds like a great name for a hilarious YouTube video OR a winning video on America's Funniest Videos, right?

Yes, it should be.

Today, whilst teaching fractions in Math, I felt myself falling over in slow motion. I literally was standing one minute and in the next second, I heard myself screaming and saying, "I'm falling" and then it was, "I fell"!

Luckily, my kids were fast at work folding tiny strips of paper into fifths and tenths, but they all were sure to look up and laugh at me. Amy came running up to me to see if I was okay and I couldn't really tell her what had happened!

Every time I turned to the chalkboard to write something, I would crack up just thinking about what had happened. At one point, I looked over at Amy and she was crouched down on the floor, crying because she was laughing so hard. :) If only Brenny, Adam and Mitz had been in the room, then I'm sure it would have been 10 times funnier! I think I'll end up with a bruise on my leg where I fell, but at least I came away without a sprained ankle!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I was there to see it. Words can't do the moment justice.

Bets said...

Lookie, lookie!
Is this Laughing Amy's first post comment???

I laughed just imagining the whole thing again while I was typing the story! Ha!

chitknit said...

Workman's comp! Workman's comp!

What's going on over there? Mitzi's running into desks, you're falling over - is all that construction pumping some crazy gas into your rooms?

Anonymous said...

Just four quick thoughts:


It's a good thing you were drunk or you could have been hurt.

Did your feet go higher than your head?

Does Blue Valley carry workmen's comp? Your new house could be free.

distaff said...

So have you figured out what made you fall? Was it a mini-stroke, a seizure? I'm worried ... tell me you just tripped on a pencil.

Anonymous said...

So you are telling me that you fell...on your own...nobody dropped you? are so lucky...I had a recent experience when my girlfriends dropped me...can you imagine that???

Wish I could have been there to laugh with you...that seriously is a fear of mine!
Julie :)

Bets said...

WOW! This brought more comments than my sad, sad Angel's Gate post!

My theory is that I fell when my heels rolled across a crayon that was on the floor. When I landed, I was on my side, laying down. Amy continued to laugh about it today. No more 4 inch heels for me for a while! :)