Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Common Craft - Paper dolls for adults!

Somehow, I found this cool website {Common Craft} that makes very simple and easy to understand descriptions of technology "mysteries" for those of you/us that are technologically challenged. They explain either in written form with simple summaries or these cool videos that have a voice-over to describe the neat-o "paper dolls" that are being moved around to help visually show how things work. For instance, they explain social networking, wikipedia, blogging, podcasting and photo sharing.

I originally watched the video on Twitter. Jill brought this up the other day at the pool, and I was baffled. Is everyone Twittering? Am I the only one that isn't? Is this something I need to be doing? Someone ... PLEASE TELL ME! I have a feeling this is something else for me to become obsessed with checking and updating. Do I really need that?

Here is the video for Twitter:


They also explain blogging in a simple way. I assume that since you are reading this, you understand the basics of blogging, but you should watch this just because:


Is anyone out there Twittering that I don't know about?

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... said...

Sorry Jill, but no one Twitters any more. All of the cool people have switched ti Twiddle-Dee-Dee. I'll check to see if Shawnee is in the approved zone.

chitknit said...

I'm so behind the times!