Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tomatoes and blueberries and herbs, oh my!

I met Jill and Adam and the downtown Overland Park Farmer's Market this morning! My parents have been going there for years, and I've joined them several times ... and I love it more and more each time I go!

The fruits and veggies are so beautiful to look at and they are so yummy to taste.

The flowers are gorgeous and you can smell them from several booths away!

You feel like you are helping local farmers and growers, which is always a good feeling!

It gets you out of your house on a Saturday morning, when I would normally be in bed.

I bought some blueberries and asparagus for mom (which she tells me were SUPER expensive) and then helped A & J shop for plants for their new home! My condo was going to be super close to the market, and I was looking forward to walking there with Minners on the weekends. I guess this means that now I'll have to look for another house that's in the neighborhood! Anyone know of a place that's on the market around downtown OP? ? ? ? ?

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