Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boy Meets Grill!

Erik is the grilling enthusiast in our family! He loves to grill so much that even though Molly doesn't get into it as much as he does, she still contributes to his passion. Last year for his birthday, she got him a smoker. She hates smoked meat, and doing the actual smoking, takes a lot of patience and time.

Just for an idea of how much he loves grilling, he has 3 "extra" grills in the garage for tailgating only. For Christmas, Molly got him a chef's jacket to wear the tailgate and he prefers gift cards to Smoke 'N Fire!
So ... this weekend, he got a NEW GRILL! His old one had seen better days and had many, many meals on its record.

So here's the new "Boy" with the new "Grill" in his life!

I'm sure he'd be happy to grill something up if any of you were interested in stopping by for a quick meal! :)

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Heather rules said...

He looks very serious about his grilling. love it!

Bets said...

Oh Lordy. "Serious" barely scratches the surface of how Erik feels about grilling! :)

chitknit said...

He needs to go to poke around on Food Network's website. I saw Bobby Flay on TV the other day, and he's got a new show where he goes out across the country to grill with people. It's not a contest like "throwdown" but pretty similar.

I could shoot a video for Erik!

... said...

What happened to the Zebra pants he wore on television?

distaff said...

I suppose this is an early birthday present? Or is it appeasement for the fact that one more girl is joining the family?