Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puh-leaze let this guy get caught!

Tonight at Trivia, I saw this report on the CNN news ticker.

The media hasn't been on top of this story for a few months. I feel like we don't really know where the investigations stands. Maybe that's a good thing.

So anyhoo ... Drew Peterson was recorded talking about the "disappearance" of Stacey's body and the mentioned that he wished he had cremated her remains. This guy is such an ass! I hope something comes up soon that helps to arrest and charge Drew. His behavior makes me sick!

That's it for tonight. That is today's rant. I took a break from unpacking & cleaning to go play trivia tonight with a smaller-than-usual team, which means that our final score was also smaller-than-usual!

Once I get my own wireless internet set up, I'll post pics of before, during & after the move!

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Heather rules said...

I'm watching a report on the Today Show right now. He is SICK!! What an a55!

distaff said...

He's so smarmy ... and on top of it, he is an exhibitionist, and his stooopid lawyer encourages his public appearances. He's like Gary Hart daring someone to trick him up. I'm sure psychologists have a real name for people like him. Wish I knew what it was.

... said...

The real name for people who dare others to catch them making a mistake is 'Candidate.' For further proof, please see listing for 'Phill Kline.'

Anonymous said...

just an update he wished he'd cremated his 3rd wife and knows that investigators won't find his 4th wife until he is cleared and can't be charged b/c of double jeopardy. So yes he's a total sleeze ball and I agree with the exhibitionist comment....he tried to get on a local radio station dating game for valentines day but the radio station didn't accept his application.