Sunday, July 27, 2008

You've gotta go vote!

Tonight was the last challenge on Design Star! My girl, Jennifer (from Olathe, KS) was one of the final two contestants. Both Jennifer and Matt (the other contestant) had the amazing opportunity to design and fix houses in New Orleans for two very deserving families.

As I was watching with my parents (due to me still not having cable, blech) my Mom and I mentioned that it is an absolute crime that New Orleans is still in shambles almost 3 years later. Parts of the city still are covered in debris and are a mess from the flooding and devastation!

Both spaces turned out great, but I LOVED Jennifer's kitchen and the stripes she painted on the walls in the living room! Mom and I did large stripes a few years ago in her dining room, and they look great!

The last few weeks, the local media has been interviewing Jennifer and getting her story out there for the community, whether or not they watch the show! Here's one of the pieces they did for her on the local news.



So anyhoo ... after this Sunday's challenge, the winner is left up to the viewers. Up until now, the show's judges had the say in who stayed and who went. The winner gets their own show on HGTV! The voting lasts from tonight until the morning of Wednesday the 30th. You can vote by either going to the website (HERE) and clicking on the tiny black dot under Jennifer's picture and then pressing "vote" (once a day) or by texting (up to 5 times a day) the letter "A" to 44881.
The finale will air Sunday night, and we will hear who the winner will be! Cross your fingers (and please vote) for Jennifer! I think it would be really amazing if Kansas City had 2 major reality TV winners this year: David Cook and Jennifer Bertrand!

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distaff said...

I voted ... for Matt!

Bets said...

MOM! Surely you can't be serious. Jennifer, all the way!