Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ladies Night on the Town ... Fixed!

I mentioned earlier that a few weekends ago was Amy's Bachelorette Party. I'm finally finding time to upload pictures for a post ... and fix the original post I made. Stupid blogger! :)

The evening started with a yummy dinner and opening of presents at a friend's house. From there, we wanted to find a place to go dancing. We ended up at Manhattan's (135th & State Line) which was actually pretty cool!

I kept thinking that this place would be even more fun if people actually knew about the club. It had nice, comfy furniture, a big dance floor, an oval bar in the middle of the place, the NICEST bathrooms I've ever been in (complete with a chaise, beauty supplies and kick-ass sinks), attentive wait staff and a DJ or band most nights. The manager (that stopped by with shots) assured us that most nights it is packed. So much so that the night before there were so many people that he ordered more chairs the next day!

Anyhoo ... this is where we ended up, and even though we made up about 90% of the clientele, we had a blast!

Here's the bride with some fancy drinks! Doesn't the green martini look HUGE? It is actually normal size and the one on the left is a tiny shot glass. I love how the colors turned out in this picture.

Here are the girls living it up on the dance floor! Can you tell that we were basically the only ones on the dance floor?! :)

All of Amy's girls ... from all different areas of her life (family, high school, work, friends through TJ)!

Congrats, Amy! The wedding countdown clock has officially started! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting those pictures! I had so much fun that night, so it was nice to relive it through your pics!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of me with you and Mitzi. With me in the middle, we look like an Oreo.