Monday, July 28, 2008

The Move in Parts: Moving Day

Most of closing day was spent cleaning (HUGE THANKS to Mom & Jeanette) and moving over small things that I could handle myself and clothes, which I didn't want going in the truck.

Then, on Tuesday, I met the moving company at Molly & Erik's house for our first stop. There were only a few things to pick up there, and I was amazed when we were already on the road to my parents' house at 10:30am, which was our original starting time.

Here they are loading all my stuff into the truck. There were only 3 guys, but they hauled all the stuff into that truck so fast, I could hardly believe it!

Here's one of the guys moving my large coffee table trunk by himself! That took Mom & I working together with several breaks to get it upstairs and into the truck when I moved it from Jenny's! They never used 2 guys to carry anything ... even when they had large stuff to carry up the stairs once we got to my condo!

Here I am with a HUGE smile on my face because I didn't have to move or lift a single thing! Hiring movers was the best money I ever spent. They were done unloading at my condo in about 1 1/2 hours after we first started at M & E's! UNBELIEVABLE! I kept calling Mom with updates along the way, because I was in shock over how fast it all went.

So now, here's the dining room/sitting room after they set up my table for me. In the very front, you can see the cute black & white doormat that Brenda brought me! I love it.

Here's the living room in complete shambles. We were leaving room for the couch to be delivered the next day. That large piece of art is my favorite thing I own. It's borrowed from my Aunt Susan and it is about 9 feet tall. It looks great in my living room with the super tall ceilings!

This is the loft that overlooks the living room. It will look like this for quite some time until I can find some storage and furniture for these things. Most of these boxes are books and photo albums. As of right now, I don't have any bookshelves, which means they will stay packed.

And my room. The movers even put my bed together for me. This was my childhood bed that Molly & Erik have been using in their guest room. They were nice enough to give it back to me ... and I love it!

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