Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pool time and grilling and fireworks ... OH MY!

Yes, the Fourth of July has come and gone, but I still wanted to get these pictures posted. We had a very lazy, but fun day.

It started with the day at Mitzi's resort/spa-like pool. We were shocked to see that it was pretty empty. We found chairs and spent the day reading, snacking and actually being pretty cool. We didn't have to get in the water too much since it was so nice out.

After plenty of pool time, we got dinner ready and Adam was the Grill King and made us some rockin' cheeseburgers. He also made a yummy fruit/cake/marshmallow dessert.

This is me working hard to prepare dinner. See that bowl of watermelon and the bag of goldfish? that's what I brought "to the table" for dinner.

Here we are ... sun kissed, tired and gross looking. We drove up to JCCC to camp out to watch the Corporate Woods fireworks. I can't believe how many people were there! You can't see it yet, but by the time the fireworks started, we all were bundled up. Who would think that we would be wearing coats on July 4th. It was a good thing that all my winter coats and shoes are being stored at Mitzi's, because I could just pick up one of my jackets from her place!

This is just a small portion of the cars and people that came to JCCC to watch. By the time it got dark, it was packed. We even ran into the completely unsupervised 6-year-old that manages to come to Mitzi's pool every time we go. His mother apparently just takes him places and hopes he can find small kids to harass so she can talk on her phone for hours at a time.

And here are the love birds! Isn't this a fun picture? We had a good time watching the fireworks in our perfect spot! Even though we all ate so much dinner that we "could never eat again", the girls managed to snack on animal crackers, pretzels and candy. :)

After that, we went back to Mitzi's to play dominoes (an awesome new game that Jill taught us) and then popped about 300+ "Pops" on Mitzi's patio. It was like we were 12-years-old! Lots of fun!

Thanks for a wonderful Fourth of July, friends! :)

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chitknit said...

When do I sign up for my official "Crafty Teachers Club" silver hoop earrings?

Bets said...

You too can have the most important part of the uniform when you will go bargain shopping with me! I'll treat you! :)

Heather rules said...

Looks like you had a great time.

I almost lost a finger on the Fourth. I'd post a picture, but my camera is MIA.

Mitzi said...

It was great fun, kids, and I thank you again for making the Fourth such a blast. I can't wait to have another Domino night-very soon, hopefully!

Bets said...

Heather ... that's bad news! Please don't be a 4th of July statistic! I'm pretty sure you need all 10 fingers.

Mitzi ... you're on! I insist on another pool, grill, domino night before school starts. :)