Tuesday, July 1, 2008

200th Post!

Yippee! I've made it this far. It seems like just yesterday, I was blogging about my 100th post.

Here are some of the stats for just how far I've made it since my original resolution.

  • 200 posts in just 196 days. I feel as if I've missed a ton of days, but this goes to prove that I've actually done okay. I must have made up for the missed days with double posts on other days.
  • 398 total comments. WOW! Some days I feel as if nobody is reading, but with all those comments, that can't possibly be true!
  • 8 comments on one single post. This was the most comments on one post.
  • 35 posts with no comments. I clearly need to go back and read those to see what my readers aren't interested in hearing about! Ha!
  • ~ 300 hours spent blogging. This is a total guess, but some days it takes me over an hour to get pictures and links and ideas together. Some days I am rushing to get in a post before the end of the day.
  • 1st resolution accomplished in several years! I can't believe I've done it. My goal was to blog at least one every day. With my average still above 1 post a day, I would say this is a success!
  • Made lots of new friends. It is so much fun to hear from old friends and "meet" new friends via my fancy blog!

Okay ... my goal for this post is to see how many comments I can get! Surely we can pass 8. I always think it's fun to find out who is reading. I've heard from a lot of you that you read it daily, or weekly ... this is your chance to say "hi". There might even be some strangers on here ... you should say "hi" too. For those of you that still haven't figured it out: you do NOT need to have a gmail account to leave a comment. You can chose a nickname to use for your comments; leave a message annoymously (but that is no fun); or just sign your name at the bottom of your comment. There are some of you that I have been missing for a while! What happened to you all!?!?

Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to read. Part of this is hard to share my personal life with the world wide web, and part of it is fun to see what sort of connections have been made! Here's to many, many more posts!

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... said...

#1. I'm so happy to be first at something. Where is everyone else? Already asleep? Your readers are really slug-a-beds!

Congrats on all of your new personal bests!

chitknit said...

You know I read it, baby!


Heather rules said...

I'm still here too Bets. ;o)

Megan said...

I'm reading!!! You're half way to 8.

Anonymous said...

You know I read it, but am hideously far behind the times and have no official google/blogger name. (If this shows up as a random stalker, it's just Mitzi by the way). I particularly enjoy reading the blogs about ME teehee:)

Anonymous said...

BTW, on today's entry there is an ad for Cat Trees on sale. I had no idea I could grow my own...won't Betty be excited? Wonder how long they take to sprout?

distaff said...

This is a wonderful accomplishment. Congrats on the landmark post. I, too, have mileposts this week -- I believe I have walked more miles in the past one week with YOUR dog than I have since 2003 when I was on my good walking jag. The wonderful weather and the need to move Minnie around has been really restorative. Hope I can keep it up once she's back at your home.

Kathryn said...

#8!!! I love your blog and saw the comment to the side that you close on the condo in a couple weeks. That's awesome!

Matthew Sargent said...

Tell "Lund of Fun" that Sarge said hi. He's looking a little too serious around that new grill, though....hahah.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! 200 blogs is a GREAT accomplishment and by the by...I believe I am the 10th comment...new record! Way to go, Betsy!

J :)

RachelC said...

I'll have you know that I read even if I don't comment. So don't worry about the entries without comments :)