Saturday, July 26, 2008

Niiiina Garciiia ... you crack me up!

Since I don't have cable set up yet at the new place, I was a bit worried about all of my shows. Project Runway being one of the most important. Luckily, I was babysitting yesterday and during nap-time (the kiddo, not me) I found that the parents had DVRed it! Yippee!

This is a tiny "review" that I found on Project Rungay today. Pretty hilarious!

Still, we have to thank you for this:

"I think tiny, shiny, and short is the quickest way to look cheap. I think I speak for all the judges on that point."

"Oh, um..."

"...sure. Absolutely. Yes, I agree."

"You have absolutely no self-awareness, do you?"

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RachelC said...

Although Suede drives me crazy with his third-person talking issue, he grew on me a little this week. I could totally see Natalie Portman wearing his dress. I thought it was funny that Heidi made that "If I were ten years younger" comment. Doesn't Heidi know that she can wear anything?

Heather rules said...

I really do not like Nina. blah.
Of course, I'm already going for the girl with all the tattoos. ;o)