Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Move in Parts: Getting Settled

Now that things are starting to get unpacked and organized, here are a few pics. I'm interested to see if the people that came the first day can actually see a difference.

This is my NEW fancy couch! This couch and the black table behind it are the only 2 pieces of furniture I have that are new to me. Everything else is a hand-me-down that was given with lots of love ... however, it's still fun to have my own stuff that I bought with my own money! The couch came with all those pillows and actually two additional ones, but I had to move them because there was hardly enough room for a nap! :)
If you look closely, you can see my laptop (I was in the middle of blogging when I took the picture), Miss Minners stretching after a nap (she has such a rough life) the water gun on the table (used to squirt her since she's taken to barking at ALL noises outside) and 2 books laying around (that's what no cable will do to you!)!

This is in my back storage closet, off of the living room. I got smart and set up some bins for recycling. After living with Molly & Erik and their recycling service, I was feeling bad about everything I used to throw away ... no longer! So far I have cardboard, aluminum, plastic and paper sorted.

These apothecary jars are my new obsession. I've been collecting them for the last year or so, and now I can finally put them out. The goal is to fill them with some colorful rice, beans, grains, etc.

Here's my bed! Can you tell that I like PINK?!? Ha! Minnie has already found a perfect spot on here.
And my closet. This was one of the first things to get organized. Everything is color coordinated for easy use. The tiny white shelf in the bottom left is going to be my mini linen closet since it's right next to my bathroom.

Here are the plates Mom helped me hang in the "look through" part of my kitchen.

Here's the upstairs patio off of my bedroom. Minnie seems to like it just fine!

And my mail/keys/phone/catch-all table. We hung these things in a "random", not-so-straight way. I think I really like it!

That's it for now! More updates to come in the future ... I'm sure!

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distaff said...

I know where those extra boxes are lurking ... in the corners where you didn't aim the camera!But it's really coming together.

... said...

Looks great. I'm sure the PO will be glad to know you're multi-tasking and using their tubs for recycling. Can we move in after you're sentenced to Leavenworth? Have you always kept your room(s) this nice?

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! From the looks of your pictures, it seems as though your house is WAY more put together than ours is (after two months). Can you believe that our house did NOT organize itself while we were on our honeymoon? The nerve!


Bets said...

Amy, in the famous words of Stephanie Tanner: "How Rude!" :)

Don't worry about not being set up. My pictures conveniently aren't showing any of the big messes and boxes that still haven't been touched!

Heather rules said...

Um, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your couch. I've been looking at furniture online. Can't seem to find anything that cool.

Bets said...

It's from Nebraska Furniture Mart. I went there specifically for a couch. It was the first time I went, and possibly the last. WAY OVERWHELMING! I did, however, go for the cute $350 sectional in the weekly ad, and when I got there, I realized that it wasn't comfy at all. The higher price for this one will hopefully make it more comfy and last a lot longer!

Anonymous said...

BETSY! It looks fabulous! I love the couch and cannot wait to see it in person! By the way...I am in love with apothecary jars, too. If only Mr. Seaman was, too! So excited for you!
Love u! J :)

Bets said...

J! I say that if Mr. Seaman gets to have a room designated for Ohio State stuff, then you are allowed to decorate however you please! :)

Katherine said...

I want you to come take care of my apartment when you're all set in yours. I've been in mine for nearly two months, and I still don't have anything on the walls. Or a dining room table. The list goes on and on...

Anonymous said...

Betsy the place looks fantastic! When are you having all of your sister's friends over??? Oh, I do know how to play Guitar Hero if that gets me in any faster!