Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad news ...

... not only is my dishwasher breaking (it should actually be cleaning dishes, right?), my laptop is on the downhill slope to it's death ... but now my camera won't upload pictures for some reason!

I have lots of fun pictures to share, and I sat down to write a few posts, but my camera just wouldn't connect to my laptop tonight.

Ruh roh! I don't think it's the camera ... I really think it's just my old laptop!

So ... here are the things I want to show you pictures of:

  • Beautiful pics of the mums at the garden center when Mom & I went yesterday.
  • The hilarious pictures & video from the Minnie & Peanut play-date tonight!
  • Pictures from a new craft project I've started today.
Hopefully I'll get some help this week so I can share with you all. Anyone who has an idea of how to fix it ... please let me know.

No, Jill, the answer is not to buy a Mac because they are awesome! :)

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Mitzi said...

I'm sure you tried this, but did you unplug everything and shut it down, let it rest, and turn it back on? That is my techie solution to every problem with my laptop. Beyond that, I am at a loss... :(

Kathryn said...

Actually I think that is the answer (to buy a Mac). You could get the teacher discount.

Bets said...

Turns out that Mitzi is the new techie of our group! I hadn't restarted my computer lately because I was in the middle of working on some projects and I didn't want to shut it down! It worked like a charm and I got my new photos uploaded! :)

Beth said...

I'm so glad the old Nintendo trick of shutting it down and restarting it worked! did you even blow into the disk drives for good luck? ;)

Hip Hip Horray for simple solutions!