Saturday, September 27, 2008

Because I bought Dominoes today!

I went to Target today for 2 things, and sure enough walked out with a few bags of things. That's my biggest problem about Target. I can walk around for hours and I'll make sure to check out anything that has that bright orange clearance sticker on it ... even if I don't need it!

I found myself along the back wall where the toys are and remembered that Jill & Adam taught us a really fun game with dominoes on the 4th of July. They lost their set of dominoes in the move and Mom might be mad if I stole her set, so I bought my own.

Adam also happened to send me this really cool video yesterday of someone setting up and knocking down dominoes. You won't believe it!



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chitknit said...

I JUST said to Adam on the way home from Manhattan - "Man, we still haven't found our dominoes!"