Sunday, September 7, 2008

You are a copy cat!

Okay, I obviously love The Soup. I've watched it for years ... since it was Talk Soup. Recently, I saw commercials on the Style Network for The Dish. It is a show hosted by Danielle Fishel (Topanga) and I thought I would watch it. I mean, it's about fashion, TV and celebrities ... what's not for me to like???

I have a problem with it. Check out this clip:


And then, look at this clip of The Soup:


They are practically copying off The Soup! The "set" is the same with a drawn backdrop and a TV screen to play the clips. They both have the crew there for applause and laughter. The Dish covers strange things on HSN and so does The Soup. She even has a segment called Reality Show Clip Fix. The Soup's original segment is Reality Show Clip Time! Um, and how about their names: The Dish, The Soup?? I'm going to create my own show and call it The Drink Straw!

I was a bit upset and first, but after watching for two weeks ... I'm afraid that even though they copied, I think I like her show, too. Who else has seen it, and what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I just saw that last night as I was falling asleep! I thought, "Is this the poor man's version of 'The Soup'?" I, too, was shocked at how similar they are. I didn't see enough of it to have an opinion, other than, "They totally copied off of 'The Soup'!"


RachelC said...

Although I've never seen The Dish, there is no way it could be as good as The Soup. Topanga is no Joel McHale. Mmmmm, Joel funny, so sexy.

chitknit said...

Uh oh. Adam will probably watch it just because I'm pretty sure he had a giant crush on Topanga when she was on Boy Meets World.

I'm with Rachel, I'd take Joel over her any day!

Mitzi said...

Yes, agreed that The Drink Straw would certainly be more captivating. I am pretty sure you would be funnier. What were they thinking? You can't beat Joel!!

Beth said...

Shows we download from abroad because we feel they are MORE than worth of our time:


2. The Daily Show

3. The Soup

'nuff said.