Thursday, September 25, 2008

I made a mistake ...

... when I've said in the past (and actually as recently as last Friday night) when I said that I hated Rachel Zoe. :(

I've been someone who reads any and all celebrity smut gossip that I can get my hands on for quite some time. And while I know that not everything that is printed in the press is true, I really thought that Rachel Zoe was a crazy celebrity stylist.

That is, until I started watching her show on Bravo!

It all started with my friend Megan. She started her own event planning company with our other friend Danielle. This wonderful bride in LA contacted their business, Soiree Event Designs, and asked Megan to plan a beautiful wedding in Barnes, KS. Megan showed us pictures of the final (AMAZING) product and in the pictures I noticed that Rachel Zoe was there. Turns out, she's an old friend of the bride and Rachel actually helped to find her wedding dress in NYC from a designer. Megan said that Rachel's new show had a clip of them shopping together and I should watch it.

I had NO intentions of liking this show ... all I wanted was to see Megan's bride on the show and then be done with it. No such luck. 3 hour-long episodes later ... I'm hooked AND I'm a Rachel Zoe fan.

I've realized that, yes, she's a little kooky, but she's also amazing at what she does. She's been into fashion since she was little and watching her shop is fascinating. She mostly buys vintage clothes for herself, but she'll also buy brand-new designer stuff for her celebrity clients. I realized that she is a collector of all things that are fashion related. It's amazing! She has the shoes and purses and jewelry I love. She is a collector, not necessarily a shopper & wearer. She's all about organized chaos when it comes to her closets and studio.

This week's episode showed Rachel at fashion week in NYC. She is invited to and attends as many of the runway shows as she can go to. I was very impressed with Rachel and her photographic memory. While many other stylists and editors were furiously taking notes in the front row of the shows, Rachel was just sitting and taking it all in! She had all the looks memorized and immediately had the ones she liked "cataloged" for her clients' future events! Amazing!

If you like fashion at all, or if you already have an idea of whether or not you like her ... you really should check out her show! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! :)

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distaff said...

You're going to have to come over and find the show and DVR it for me so I can watch when I have control of the tv.