Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I think I have some friends that will like this video

Found on CuteOverload, of course.


Girls (you know who you are) ... whatcha think of this one?

It kinda reminds me of this pic, which we've been talking about for weeks!
eated my cookie
more animals

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chitknit said...


Why would anyone not want a tiny kitty?

Anonymous said...

Why do kittens have such bad grammar?


Beth said...

The cutest 5 seconds were when Kitty was in the fridge!!

I also loved the pool! Poor kitten!

Bets said...

I like the kitteh in the cabinet pawing at the salt & pepper shakers!

I also forgot how cute it was when he popped out of the tall coffee mug!

AND the owner saying, "That was her idea ... to hide in the grill" to his wife. Hilarious!

Jennie Burget said...

ummm.. CuteOverload is so cute I almost want to cry sometimes -- it's sad.