Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crafty time VS. Grading papers time

Guess which activity won last night???

Yep, you know me too well. I decided I'd rather get a few new things posted on Etsy last night than grade the hideously large stack of papers I brought home with me!

Here's a new set of magnets that I made using some vintage gold earrings that Jill gave me from her Grandma's stash! After making all of my glass bead magnets, these earring magnets have been a fun change for me!

These K-State Wildcat earrings were hard for me to make, but I figured that there were bound to be some KSU people out there that wanted fun earrings to wear like my KU earrings! Kat had asked when the KSU earrings were going to go up, and I thought now was as good a time as any since we are in the middle of football season!


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1 comment:

Liam said...

I commend you for going that extra step to bring unity to the country by making your rival's earrings... =)