Thursday, September 4, 2008

Compare & Contrast

I am the only one that sees the resemblance between these two? Sarah Palin's hair is just as updone and poofy as Karen Walker's was on Will & Grace.

I totally understand that is where the similarities end, but I keep thinking that they were separated at birth every time I see her on TV!

At work today, Amy came in to tell me about the great clip from The Daily Show they had on last night. Since I was too busy watching Project Runway, I didn't get to see it, but I did find it on YouTube. Here is the clip for you all to see just how hypocritical everyone in the media is!



I laughed outloud at this clip! :)

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Anonymous said...

So great...loved the clip. I heart The Daily Show! Nice find!
J :)

Beth said...

Bets - we just watched that episode of the Daily Show last night and felt it was dead-on, and shows how completely, utterly hypocritical the media can be.

I think Palin looks weird..sort of cross-eyed and goofy and poofy?

distaff said...

What a gift! Honestly, would anyone care at this point if Sen. Lieberman was McCain's running mate? Now we all have a reason to stay toooooned.

Bets said...

Jilly let me know the sad news that this clip from the Daily Show is no longer available. I HIGHLY encourage you to go on YouTube to find another clip of it. Search: Daily Show AND Palin. :)

Mitzi said...

I can't believe the resemblance between Sarah Palin and Karen Walker! All this time I have been thinking "Now, who does she look like?" And you have solved the mystery....!

RachelC said...

EW had a poll this week comparing Palin to different characters: Liz Lemon, Karen Walker and the dentist's wife in Waiting for Guffman.,,20223456,00.html