Monday, September 29, 2008

A schnoodle reunion!

Jenny brought Peanut over last night for a play date! It had been a long time since the siblings got together, and even though the evening started with Minnie barking at Peanut for intruding in her home and stealing her chews ... but then a few hours later, they were wrestling and chasing each other around the condo just like old times!

Here they are once I got them settled down long enough to sit still for a picture. Peanut was getting his wedding haircut today so he'll be all cute for Jenny & Rob's wedding in November! Can you believe that they are litter-mates?

Minnie likes to bite his fluffy ears!

And then they like to wrestle and she'll bite his legs so he can't get away!

Here's little Peanut. I like to call him "Bag O Bones". You would never know it with all his curls, but this boy is so skinny & weighs probably 5 pounds less than my little girl!

And here's my girl! Panting away. She gets so worked up when she gets to play like that, that she immediately passed out afterward. I had to carry her upstairs to her kennel later last night because she could barely move off the couch!

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