Saturday, September 20, 2008

Puppy Pawdicures gone wrong

This morning, I got up at 9:45 which was a real treat. I actually thought I had slept through the morning at school. I decided to take Minnie outside on the patio to give her a little nail trimming.

She normally does really well, and I thought it was time to do it since she keeps scratching up my legs when she jumps on me.

Well, 2 nails in, she squeels! Yep, I cut too short. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of cutting a dog's nails ... you don't know what this means. This was over 30 minutes ago, and her nail is still gushing blood. You can't cut too short, or you cut the nerve in the nails.

Well, she's bled through several layers of paper towels. I have to hold her in my lap because if I set her down, then she'll walk all over and her teeny, tiny nail will bleed all over my nice carpet!

After googling to find some answers, her foot is currently in a ziploc baggie of baking soda that I happened to have in my fridge. They say that any power will help to stop the bleeding. Let's hope this stops soon, because I'm late to go meet Molly & Mom for the Plaza Art Fair.

I guess I know one girl who will be staying home IN HER KENNEL so she doesn't make a mess of the place! I'm a bad Mom ... .. .

*** UPDATE ***
I've just come back from the vet. I called them first to see what they suggested. The woman I talk to, who knows my voice when I call, told me to put flour or corn starch on her foot. Well, I don't cook, so I don't have those things. I thought to myself that I could wait it out and hope for the best, or take her in so that I know for sure she'll be fine.

I took her in and even they said that it was a hard to get it to stop bleeding. They were so nice and they even finished the nail trimming job for me! So glad to have my girl back to normal. Now, if I can only get my car clean again ... it looks like a tiny murder scene in there! :)

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