Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's trivia night ...

... but we won't go!

You've read all the discussion about the recent trivia debacle! It's such a shame, because we all really liked to get together on Wednesdays to hang out! It was a nice break in the middle of our hectic weeks and it felt like we were doing something we shouldn't be, by staying out late on a school night, drinking some beers and having fun at a bar! :)

It's nice to see that we aren't the only ones that are upset by the fact that cheating is now allowed at all stages of the trivia process! You need to read the latest post on the Xtreme Team Trivia blog, and be sure to check out all the comments! It's quite the online debate.

We could have gone tonight to trivia since it was regionals at our home bar. What we decided that there really wasn't any point in going. Even if we won tonight and earned a spot at the next Championships ... we would never pack up our laptops with us and then how could we compete with all the other techie teams? Maybe that should be their new name: Xtreme Team Technology. That is basically what it is.

Just for one last laugh ... our little team that could is currently in 3rd place after 10 weeks. The impressive part is that we didn't even play for 2 of the ten weeks and 2 of the weeks we lost the final question so our result was a low score. The first place team at our bar?? They have song-recognition devices. Yeah, that's right. They are awesome.

I think I can speak for some of my team members when I say that we support My Favorite Team, because even though they were our biggest competition, they cheat as much as we did ... which was almost never!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Suck it Xtreme Team Trivia! SUCK. IT.

Amy (as a 12 year-old girl)

distaff said...

Purists to the end! Good for you. when the beer sales lag (do techies drink that much?) they may consider a change back to traditional trivia.

Anonymous said...

If you go back to the site, one of the comments is for another bar that does trivia without the cheating. They are at

I'm telling you this friendly advice as someone that actually likes cheating and think it makes trivia more fun. Personally, I think it's also a nightmare for the DJ's to be asked to serve as policeman if one team accuses the other of cheating.

Oh well, i think there's room for both of us in this world.