Monday, September 15, 2008

The non-stop rain this weekend was exhausting!

It rained off and on all week. Friday, it rained pretty much non-stop. I came home from work during a tornado warning (wait, isn't the Spring tornado season?) and since Minners needs to go out every few hours, I saw all the different rain storms coming and going.

Now, the difficult thing about taking Minnie out is that she is TERRIFIED of the rain! She seems to think it's some sort of outside bath! She will scratch at the door to go out and then as soon as she sees it's still raining, she wants to turn right back around! She also obviously, has to go out on a leash. This makes potty time not so much fun for me either since there aren't any grassy spots that have a covered roof.

Here are a couple of the pictures I took right outside my door in the middle of the night. I woke up to find that it was still pouring! The top picture is from my neighbor's patio area. Those rocks are actually about 1-2 inches below the sidewalk, but here you can see that it had turned into a wading pool.

This is Minnie ... SO TIRED from having to go out in the rain. I can't imagine that sleeping like this is comfy, but she seems to like this position. She sleeps here every night!

And this pic is from Saturday morning. I found this teeny, tiny patch of blue sky on my way to Adam & Jill's. It didn't last for long. It sprinkled most of Saturday and into the night. Today it's just super cold out!

What happened to our cool fall???

* On a different topic, we've heard from my Uncle John & Aunt Dinah who decided to stay put through Ike in Houston. They seem to be okay and there hasn't been any damage to their house. The only issue is no power. We're all thinking of you!! *

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distaff said...

Yep -- count your blessings that you didn't endure Ike rain. Since 1900 we have known that Galveston is not a good place to weather a storm or own real estate. It should revert back to a barrier island, nature preserve with a really good seafood restaurant!

Jennie Burget said...

Welcome to Portland, Oregon, my friend.

Bets said...

Ahhh, Jennie. I'm not sure I would make it in a rainy city like that!