Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How fitting: 100 miles in 1 day for my 100th post!

Today I drove almost 100 miles around town. If it wasn't quite 100, then by the time I get to school tomorrow, I think it will be!

Here was my day, in short:

  • Woke up late and was lazy. Didn't leave house until 1:00pm.
  • Drove from my house to Adam & Jill's to compile craft stuff to "shop" around town.
  • Drove from A & J's to my parents' house to pick up some mail.
  • Drove from their house to Hawthorne Plaza. Stopped into Statements, Shop Beautiful and some new Girlie Boutique (we may or may not have stopped in to track down the teeny, tiny pup that was sitting in the front window).
  • Drove from Hawthorne Plaza to Tomahawk Creek Condos. We tried to hang up one of our Etsy fliers, but couldn't find the mail room.
  • Drove from Tomahawk Creek Condos to AMLI Town Center Apartments to hang up a flier.
  • Drove from AMLI apartments back to Adam & Jill's. Jill helped me print out AWESOME fliers for my Minnie's Fleecy Toys.
  • Drove from their place to Land of Paws (out South) to try and sell some of my wonderful toys.
  • Drove from Land of Paws to Brookside Barkery and Bath (in Olathe) to do the same.
  • Drove from Barkery to Realtor to drop off signed papers!
  • Drove from Realtor to Gordman's by the mall to kill time.
  • Drove from Gordman's to Bridal Extraordinaire to go wedding dress shopping with Ashley and her Mom.
  • Drove from Bridal Extraordinaire to Cactus Grill near Town Center for dinner.
  • Drove from Cactus Grill back to Mom and Dad's to pick up a tourney bracket and more goodies.
  • Drove from Mom and Dad's to home.
After leaving my house around 1:00pm I finally got home around 9:15pm. YEAH for finally being home.

Tomorrow I'll head back to school (aren't I the best teacher for working on my Spring Break?) to attempt to get some more cleaning and packing done. At least that will mean less driving for me.

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distaff said...

It's a good thing gas is so cheap.

distaff said...
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