Thursday, October 30, 2008

blik for baby

Mom and I went over to Molly & Erik's on Sunday to see the progress of the big demo on the back of their house. Turns out that Erik and about 4 other men were able to completely demolish a room off the back of their house and patch up the hole in the house wall in half a day!

Since it was too cold to hang around outside, we went up to the Lulu's nursery to check things out. Molly had ordered a decal of a black chandelier silhouette for the wall above her crib. This was definitely a more-than-one-person job, so Mom & I stuck around (no pun intended) to get the job done!

Here is the project in stages. Mom & Molly cutting the picture into smaller pieces to go onto the wall. It peels apart like a temporary tatoo and you stick it to the wall and then rub it on until it stays there. Pretty amazing!

Blank wall above the crib where the "chandelier" was to go.

This is after the first 2 steps. Step 1 was the "chain" and then I added the top of the chandelier.

This middle part went on all in one piece. Doesn't it look cool? The bookshelf on the left was another big project of ours. Molly wanted the inside lined with a fun pink fabric, and that was also a more-than-one-person project. On the top shelf is a piggy bank that someone gave them that is wearing a tutu!

And here is the final result! You can't tell at all that it is a rub-on decal. In fact, it looks like it was hand painted on the wall. Molly is doing a French/Paris theme to the nursery, so it will look great once everything is set up in the nursery.

I love the decal so much, I think I'll see if there are others that I might like for my house. Go check out the blik decals yourself! Not only are there many cool designs AND they aren't permanent (so you can change your mind after a while) BUT the company is very fun and their directions were a hoot! They said that we could press the decal on the wall using any of the following: the provided scraping tool, a credit card, your hand, a rubber spatula or the bill of a platypus. Ha! :)

*** Boo! I meant to schedule this post to actually show up in a few days. Rats. So now consider this as my Friday post, which means less for me to do tomorrow. I guess there is always a bright side to things! ***

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distaff said...

I have found a decal I want for my big blank office wall -- may order it today. They're giving a big discount on shipping -- like these things weigh a lot!

The Huffman's said...

Betsy, That is the coolest website!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I Think your niece's room will be beautiful!!!