Monday, October 27, 2008

The rest of Saturday with Moms and Molls

I promised I'd blog about the rest of our Saturday once we left the big tailgate in Lawrence.

Molly, Mom & I went to the Holiday Mart and after zipping through there as fast as possible, we went for lunch. We drove over to the new Park Place area just north of Town Center. I hadn't been over there yet, even though Mitzi's been ooohing and aaahing over Ingredient for weeks!

Here are the planter/fountains that are in the middle of a couple of the buildings. There is also going to be an outdoor ice skating rink, which is pretty fun, since families normally have to go to Crown Center for that.

I loved the design of Ingredient. I couldn't stop looking at the pressed plants in glass along the backs of all the booths. The craftiness in me kept trying to figure out how they did that and I if I could do it myself.

This is just one of the great light fixtures they have inside. I should have taken pictures of our yummy food, but we were all too hungry and dug in immediately. We had the Sweet Leaf salad and the Apple Wood pizza if you are looking for recommendations.

After lunch we HAD TO go next door to Paciugo Gelato for a little sweet treat. I'm blaming the preggo sister in our group for recommending it, but I was just as happy as she was to get some gelato!

We each got three flavors in one small cup. Mine is on the bottom right. I think my choices were the best: Mint Chocolate Chip, Pannacotta (wedding cake) and Chocolate Hazelnut.
After stuffing ourselves beyond belief, we had more errands to run. I wanted to go look for curtains for my bedroom window! On the left shows how bright my room gets without curtains. There are even blinds on that window, but you can barely tell. On the right, you can see that a lot of the light is now blocked. I was so excited when we got these hung up. I got to sleep in on Sunday past sunrise. Yippee!

Two more curtains should be coming this week so I can put them in place of the hideous vertical blinds on the sliding door on the other end of my bedroom. Everything is finally starting to look like a real home.

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Jennie Day-Burget said...

Everytime I come home the whole place is different! Where did this shopping center come from???