Monday, October 6, 2008

I can hardly believe it!

Check out this beautiful sight I took a picture of today after work! Granted, this gas station is just across state lines (which typically has lower gas prices), but they were still low on the Kansas side, too!

Here's the gas prices in Chicago last May. Amazing how much things have changed. I know the whole world and economy is going to pot, but hey! At least you can get gas without taking money out of your savings account to cover it! :)

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chitknit said...

I saw it for $2.99 at the QT in Stanley. Couldn't believe it!

Anonymous said...

TJ and I payed $4.39 for Regular in Chicago last weekend, so it's still pretty high there. Just another reason to be glad that we can VISIT Chicago!

distaff said...

Carla told us that gas is $2.75 in Lee's Summit. Head on over!

Emilie said...

Don't worry still high in Chicago. But I did see a sign for $3.99 and was pleasantly surprised to see gas under $4!! But then down the street its $4.26 so nevermind ;)