Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quit whistling at me!

I about turned the debate off tonight when McCain's whistling started giving me a headache.

I knew his speech issue was reminding me of some cartoon characters and sure enough ... lookie what I found!

The Beaver in The Lady and the Tramp:

Someone else must have been thinking the same thing that I was ... only they were crafty enough to put these clips together into one video.

The Gopher in Winnie the Pooh:


Anyone else know what I'm talking about??? Is it annoying to just me?

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distaff said...

I didn't hear the whistling, but I thought he sounded like a pre-school teacher, intentionally raising the pitch of his voice so as to sound like he was connecting with us on another level. I turned it off too, after dad had left the room fully an hour before. No sooner was I watching HGTV and dad returned, huffy over the fact that I had given up on the debate!

Beth said...

I kow what you mean Bets, but the "My Friends" Tourette's-like tic was more bothersome to me than the wishtle.....OBAMA '08!