Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rattles and bibs and blankies, Oh My!

Yesterday was a really fun day for us! Molly, Mom & I got to spend the afternoon in the house we grew up in for a baby shower for Molly! Her friends threw the shower, and one of the hostesses, Shannon, now lives in our childhood home! It is amazing to see everything that has been done to that house. I was beautiful when we were there, but if I had the chance, I would love to live there again with all the updates they've made!

Anyhoo, the shower guests were a combination of Molly's high school and work friends and our old neighbors and my mom's friends! Everyone loved being back in the house after 6 years!

Here are the "McKnight" girls back in our old living room.

The beautiful tables and flowers.

The best tasting AND cutest onesie sugar cookies.

I know a spoiled baby! She got the cutest things at the shower. Even the wrapping was cute!

Check out this teeny, tiny white fur coat for Lulu this winter. It has tiny mouse ears on the top of the hood, too!

He's the mom-to-be opening up one of the great presents!

After everyone left the shower, Mom, Molly and 2 of the hostesses and I sat around and caught up. We talked politics, baby stuff, school, etc, etc, etc. I was so happy to be part of that day! Thanks!

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P.S. You probably notice that I have pictures for this post after the camera debacle on Friday. After much discussion, my parents and I found a solution for the time being. Mom & Dad need a new digital camera for the same reason I do. Their camera was broken due to a fall. With the baby on the way, this wasn't something that could wait much longer to be replaced.

Dad took me out Saturday morning to find a camera for them that I could use until I had saved enough to get my own. So I'm using the updated version of my Canon for the next few weeks. Once I get my own, I'll give this one back to them!

Dad was worried I hadn't posted about his smart fix, so I wanted to make sure it was posted today! :) THANKS!!
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