Saturday, October 25, 2008

The HIGHS and lows of Erik's Day

It's football season ... that means that Molly is a bit of a football widow and Erik spends a lot of time preparing for the best tailgate in Lawrence for each home game!

Erik's tent (with his buddies, too) has everything you need for ideal tailgating: 2 tents, camping chairs, a bar (bartender included), a plasma TV with cable hook-up, yummy desserts, 2 meals made by Chef Erik, etc, etc, etc.

Today we decided to drive up just to hang out for the tailgate since Molly & I could care less about the actual game, and it was chilly!

Here are a few pics from the 2-ish hours we were there! Molly & me, before breakfast burritos or grilled Krispy Kreme donuts. We were super cold, even though the sun was shining all morning.

Erik's brother & Dad and Molly.
Mom, Dad & Jeff.
Chef Erik. Can you see his system of pre-cooked breakfast burrito "slices"? He makes them in advance and then warms them up with a tortilla. He tops it all off with sour creme & salsa. Best breakfast burritos in Lawrence ... hands down! Molly made him this awesome chef's jacket for Christmas last year. It says LUND on the back and he's added some great patches, too.

Might have scarfed this grilled KK donut in about 2.2 seconds. Shhhhh ... don't tell!

Erik, saying "hi" to Lulu before he left to go into the game.

And here they are again ... Erik had just dunked his head in the ice water to "cool off" before he went into the game. Sweet pants, huh? Check out Molly's cute shirt she made. Rock Chalk Baby! She got lots of comments on it. I told her she should make them to sell on Etsy!

A few minutes after this picture, we went back to the car, picked up Mom & Dad and then headed back home. The girls went off to the Holiday Mart and to run errands (blog post on that coming soon) and Dad & Minnie went home to rest.

Dad called while we were at lunch to tell us about the score of the game. 63-21 - KU Loss. Erik texted Molly to say (jokingly) that he was no longer a fan! He came home earlier than planned to unwind and get ready for tomorrow.

Since Molly & Erik are both doing quite a bit of nesting and preparing the house for the baby, there seem to be large projects around their house every few weeks. There was the bathroom rennovation while I was living with them over the summer, lots of painting, preparing the nursery and now the complete demolition of a room on the back of their house. This room at one point (long before Erik bought the house) was a nice den, but since then it has been shut off to the rest of the house and named The Room From Hell. It is falling off the foundation and really serves no purpose. Sunday, Erik and a bunch of family & friends will tear this room off the back of the house. Nothing will go up in it's place quite yet ... that project will have to wait until after the baby comes.

Anyhoo ... Erik got out some of his frustration from the game by doing a little bit of demo on his own tonight. Molly caught it on tape for all of us to enjoy! Be sure to listen closely to the commentary by Molls! :)

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chitknit said...

I want to know - was he actually listening to that song or was it added in the editing process?


Good luck, Lunds!

Caroline said...

way to destruct Erik! It already looks better -- Molly, I'd like to place an order for a Rock Chalk Baby tee! =)

Bets said...

Jill ...
Don't you know that the love of JTimberlake music must run in the family? It was actually playing. No fun video editing yet, they just got the camera last week!

Anonymous said...

Although I may be biased, but this is the most dominant blog post yet!