Friday, October 17, 2008

Surprise Etsy Sales!

Jill & I both had surprise Etsy sales out of nowhere on Tuesday of this week. It was super exciting because I don't think I've had a sale since this summer. Although that is pretty depressing, I know it is mostly my fault because I haven't been adding more items, and promoting my things via the blog or going out around town.

I sold this cute Minnie's Fleecy Toy to a shopper in Ohio. This is one of my favorite toys that I've made. I love the colors on it!

Jill FINally sold (her words, not mine) this fantastic felted zipper bag. It's been getting hundreds of views & favorites since she posted it months ago. I know the new owner of this will definitely be happy with her purchase!

I've had a couple family members and friends say lately, "I'm looking for a new ___________". I always point them towards Etsy becuase you can find ANYTHING you want and buying it would mean supporting a crafty/local artist and you might be able to find it for less than you would buy in a major store!

Make sure when you go shopping or browsing on Etsy, you've got time to kill, because you can get lost in the treasuries and search lists for hours! :)

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chitknit said...

Hopefully there's more in our future!