Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sitemeter Roll Call!

Jill told me last spring about how she was using Sitemeter on her blog, and all the cool stuff you could track with it. It tracks how many people come to your blog, how long they stay and read, how many pages within the blog they click on, how they got there, how they exit and where they are reading from.

I am really only interested in the "referrals" and the "location" features of Sitemeter. Yes, I would love to have many more people reading my blog and I'd love for it to be a money-making venture for me, but it has also become a great way to stay in touch with my friends and family.

I've found that a lot of my referrals are random. People will google "you'll never lose your keys again" because apparently there is a key trinket named that, but I have a blog post with that title, so they end up on my page. Sometimes people will google "valentine's day AND magnets" and get to me. I also get lots of hits from google image searches since I have so many pictures on my site. Lately I got a bunch of hits from an "Angel's Gate" search after the puppy mills show on Oprah. Sometimes they will try to google "The Best Week Ever" and they'll misspell and end up with me! It's all okay with me ... but I wish some of those people would stay for longer than 1 second! Stick around ... read a bit ... I'm sure you'll find something of interest.

The locations are the most interesting part to me. I've got some loyal readers from places where I don't think I know anyone. While I think this is strange, I also know that I've found lots of blogs via a friend of a friend, or just by clicking through blogs or comments, and now I read them daily.

I've got lots of Kansas people, and I'm not sure I could ever know who all was reading. I also have random readers from foreign countries, that happened upon my blog from a google search. Here are some of those: The United Kingdom, Guatemala (thanks Beth), China, Germany, India, Belgium, etc.

Here are the other US cities that come to read The Bets Week Ever:
Wichita, KS - Blue Springs, MO - Chicago, IL - Newport News, VA - Kansas City, MO - Olathe, KS - Lenexa, KS - Overland Park, KS - Mountain View, CA - Fort Worth, TX - Shawnee, KS -
Dublin, OH - Battle Ground, WA - Derby, KS - Salem, OR - Panama City, FL - Dallas, TX - Portland, OR - Lees Summit, MO - Topeka, KS - Ivins, UT - Tucson, AZ - Round Rock, TX -
Columbia, SC - Sun City, AZ.

If you are one of these readers ... I'd love to know who you are (if I don't know you) and how you found me. If you want to stay anonymous, that is perfectly fine, too! I appreciate any and all readers.

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Anonymous said...

I found you by googling "cute + teachers + dogs".


distaff said...

Who knew that blogging would connect so many people in the wierdest ways? Don't you wish you had thought of it first?

The Huffman's said...

I don't know if you would remember me from middle school... Erin Hoagland...I can't remember how I got your blog, but I love reading up on all the girls! I am living in Newport News, VA so that was probably me viewing your blog! Keep the fun blogs coming!

~Erin (now Huffman)

Bets said...

Hi Erin! If course, I remember you. How's life??? Glad to find out that you are my loyal reader in VA, and not some crazy stalker man! ;)

The Huffman's said...

No crazy stalker man!!! LOL I was afraid of you thinking that!!! Things are good...married for 2 years to a college baseball coach and living it up in VA! You look great by the way! I love your dog too!!!! Keep the entertaining blogs coming!!! :)

Cozy said...

I don't remember for sure but I probably found a link to your blog in the Etsy forums. I add all the blogs I find to a list that I keep up with in Google Reader.