Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lance & Lacey ...

Who else is rooting for them?!?! They are my new favorite duo on Dancing With the Stars!

Here are a few videos for those of you that haven't started watching yet or haven't seen these:

The first dance - The cha cha.


The second dance - The quickstep.


This week's dance - The paso doble


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Anonymous said...

I wish I could dance with Lance Bass. Why can't T-Pain have the moves of a gay boy band member? Ugh! And why can't my brother date Lance.....or Neil Patrick Harris.....or Anderson Cooper?

Bets said...

Uh oh, Amy!
Are you and Ryan unofficially outing Anderson to my blog readers? ;) That's okay, because I agree! My vote is for Doogie, tho!

Beth said...

Hmm...before clicking on the link to your actual blog post, I thought Lance & Lacey were new Pres/VP candidates....